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A Few Reminders

How to take out and return a boat:

1. Sign the SF Rowing Club log book.
2. Take out equipment:

  • Take oars down to the dock first. Please place oars on the dock so that the tips are in contact with the dock and not the flat part of the oar to reduce wear on the oars.
  • Set out the boat slings.
  • Place boat on slings and adjust the foot stretchers and open the oar locks.
  • Carry the boat down to the water.
  • Club policy requires 2 people to carry a boat.
  • Install the oars so that the oar locks point toward the stern. (footstretchers)

3. Row:

  • Be sure that there are a couple of inches between the boat and the dock when you are getting into or out of the boat. If not, the boat will be damaged and you will get wet.
  • Watch for buoys, shoreline and… other boats!!
  • Row in a counterclockwise direction around the lake.
  • Be careful of increasing wind.
  • Land so wind blows you into (not away from) the dock. Remember that the pointy ends of the boat are not meant for ramming the dock.
  • Be patient and remember to relax and have fun.

4. After Rowing:

  • Clean equipment thoroughly. Hang the towels on the rack to dry. Place covers on the oar locks, remove the port covers, and store the boat with the fin toward the back wall. The boats on the movable rack are stored right side up. All other boats are stored upside down.
  • Be sure to bring up the oars.
  • Sign out and if you are the last person in, bring in the slings and lock up. There may be boats that have gone to regattas that are still out and yet no one is out rowing on the lake, in which case, please lock up. Check the sign-out sheet to see if anyone is still out or count the boats. If everyone is off the lake, there should be 14 boats in the boathouse (unless there are boats at a weekend regatta). If you have any problems or notice anything wrong with the equipment, please call Richard: (650) 922-1653 (cell) and leave a note on the white board.

Only through the responsibility of the members can this club survive, so please care for the equipment as if it were your own. The entire club thanks you.

So, again, welcome, and have a great time rowing. And remember… “Light Hands.”