Wind Conditions,
SF Weather, NOAA

Atkinsopht, technical analyses of rowing
The Science of Water Waves, Open Water Rowing

Eat 4 Fitness, Performance Nutrition – Fueling for Your Rowing Edge, Sunny Blende, MS.

7 iPhone Apps for Rowers – rowperfect (UK)
Maas Boat Company – rowing shells and oars
Peinert Boatworks – rowing shells
Concept2 – rowing ergometers
Connect-A-Dock – the new dock

Other Rowing Clubs
Lake Merced:
Pacific Rowing Club, Lake Merced
South End Rowing Club, Aquatic Park and Lake Merced
San Francisco Dolphin Club, Aquatic Park and Lake Merced
St Ignatius College Prep Crew, Lake Merced

Bay Area and Beyond:
Marin Rowing Association, Greenbrae, CA
Open Water Rowing, Sausalito, CA
Bay Area Rowing Club Contacts
Craftsbury Sculling Camp, Vermont
US Rowing Association

Lake Merced
SF Rec & Park
Lake Merced, wikipedia